At Moringa Infusions, we believe in family. We choose to believe that, at a basic level, everyone is our family. We want to look after our family, to make sure they have free and beautiful lives, so we infuse delicious, every-day food with what our bodies need for energy. Then we invest in efforts to bring these foods and this energy to those who need it most.

It started with a young child named Celestina.

Kat Roberts left her home and job as an ER nurse in the United States to learn about the medical world in Zambia. She intended to stay for five months in a rural village that was looking for help in their clinic. After one month, she called Rachael Duckworth, her best friend, to say she had fallen in love with the people and had canceled her flight home.

A year later, Rachael flew to visit Kat in her village to find out why her best friend still hadn’t returned home. Days were spent outside getting to know all her neighbors, sharing meals and stories, laughter and tears. People in the village could not understand that in the States, we often don’t know the people who share the walls of our apartments.

In those months, Rachael lived in Kat’s mud hut without water and electricity. More important things than comfort were experienced.

A village friend brought Kat a two-year-old girl named Celestina who was deprived of nutrition and wasn’t expected to survive. By beautiful chance, Kat had received Moringa powder from another volunteer and started adding the ground-up leaf powder to Celestina’s diet. Within a few weeks, visual signs of malnurshiment began to diminish. Celestina became known as Moringa Girl #1, and her health was closely monitored by Kat as her overall well-being skyrocketed.
Kat received Moringa seeds during Rachael’s visit, and together, along with community members, they planted them in the village.
Last year, in April of 2016, Kat and Rachael went back to the village to visit their friends. They were greeted with huge smiles, hugs, and the sight of strong, tall Moringa trees. On the day they arrived, there was a community meeting held to discuss Moringa. They had acquired 12 seeds before the meeting to give to friends. Over 60 people showed up, and everyone raised their hands, eager for a seed, because they had seen first-hand the positive impact of Moringa on the village children.

Moringa Infusions is dedicated to creating a sustainable and positive impact around the world. We do this every time someone purchases one of our Moringa Infusions products. Our grass roots company has pledged to give 15 percent of all profits to fight malnourishment around the world. Currently we have partnered with international initiatives that utilize sustainable technologies, such as aquaponics and other innovative agricultural techniques —
empowering communities in developing countries to better fight this fight.

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