Cheers to your health!


Fresh Moringa Leafs

Organic Moringa Leaves

Called “the miracle plant,” Moringa includes over 90 protective compounds and is proven to fight inflammation and various effects of malnutrition and aging

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Raw Colorado Wildflower Honey

A natural energy source, helping with weight management, proving allergy relief, promoting sleep, and boosting the immune system

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Moringa Honey
Moringa Apple Cider

Unrefined Apple Cider Vinegar

A natural antibiotic that provides numerous benefits related to digestion, skin, and immunity health, helping detox your body and balance your pH

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Organic Herbs, Berries, & Flowers

Hand-selected for individual, high-quality health benefits


Nourish your mind, body, and spirit one sip at a time.

Our infusions begin with pure Moringa, rich in over 92 nutrients, 18 amino acids and 46 antioxidants. Then we add the benefits of raw and unrefined apple cider vinegar, Colorado honey, and hand-selected herbs to create a powerful and delicious drink.

Cheers to your health!

Moringa Infusions Bottle Black

 3X POTASSIUM of bananas

 4X VITAMIN A of carrots

 7X VITAMIN C of oranges

 4X CALCIUM of milk

 2X PROTEIN of yogurt


I’m pretty sure it’s the secret to life!

~ Nicholas & Sara, food bloggers of bea.and.baud

Moringa Infusions are THE BEST sipping vinegars. This super duper healthy tonic is loaded with all the “good-for you” stuff and so much more.

~ Danielle, owner of Body by D Fitness

I love Moringa Infusions! It gives me a burst of energy in the morning. Eventually I ended up not wanting coffee anymore and just drink Moringa!

~ Christina C.

A pre mixed concentrate with the awesome addition of MORINGA! A Super food that is soooo good for our gut and overall nutrition!

~ Sara M. Nutrition Coach and Personal Trainer 

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